Hello beautiful people! I know I have been MIA the past month, but life got a little crazy and I didn’t have much time to post. But, I am back baby! And I have a lot of awesome posts coming your way. 😋 Today we are doing one of my favorite posts to do, my monthly makeup wish list! Brands just keep coming out with more and more stuff, which isn’t a good thing for my wallet. 😂 Let’s get into it 😋

Essence Pure Nude Highlighters

Essence just came out with 3 new shades in their Pure Nude Highlight line! They come in Sunlighter(golden) Cosmolighter(mint) and Spacelighter(rose). I adore the Pure Nude Highlighter, and I can’t wait to get my hands on these shades! I’m most excited for Cosmolighter and Spacelighter because of how unique they are, but I will definitely grab Sunlighter and try to use it as a glowy bronze topper!

BH Cosmetics Weekend Festival Palette

I have been really trying to venture out of my comfort zone and play with color more. This palette really inspires me to create a ton of different looks! The formula and pigmentation look really nice. Plus it costs $18 for 20 shades! And again, can we just look at those shades!?

Laura Geller Life Glow On! Illuminator Palette

I already own their Baked Gelatio Swirl Highlighter Palette which has Ballerina, Gilded Honey, and Peach Glow. I love the formula of the highlighters. I would want this one because I’ve recently gotten into more unique shades for makeup and I feel like these shades are more wearable yet still very unique!

Winky Lux Eyeshadow Palettes

My amazing friend Maecee recently gifted my the Winky Lux Kitten Palette and I am in love with it. They recently came out with the Coffee Palette(bottom picture) which is teh perfect everyday cool/neautral toned palette. When I went on their website to look for the Coffee Palette, I saw that they came out with the Cashmere Kitten Palette(top picture). I love the formula of these shadows that I want both of them ASAP! I’m excited to try more products from this awesome cruelty free brand!

Milani Conceal & Perfect Foundation

I know this isn’t a new foundation, but they did recently come out with new shades! I have wanted to try this ever since it came out, but I knew the colors woudlnt match me. I recently went to Walmart and saw this shade (00 Light Natural) and it looks like a perfect match! I really want new foundations to try so as soon as I can, I will be picking this up!

Not Your Average Nudes Exposed Set

I saw this set on Ulta’s website and immediately fell in love. I have wanted to try Tarte’s Exposed blush for years but never want to spend the money. I love their mini blushes because honestly I will never go through even the mini! If I did, it would be worth it because it would take me forever! I love that you get the blush and 3 other beautiful products! These would be amazing for my kit! (Except I would keep the lip lingerie for me 😘) Plus Tarte is my favorite high end brand!

Winky Lux Charm Highlighter

Another Winky Lux goodie! I saw on Ulta’s website that they came out with a mini of their Charm highlight! It is their white/pink holographic highlighter. Like I said, I want to add more unique products to my collection and I feel like this highlight I’d unique! Plus, this mini is $10 vs. their full size for $18! Minis for the win!

That is is for my monthly wish list for April! There are so many awesome products coming out, and I cant wait to see the Summer releases! Also, I will have my April Anti-Haul up this week too!

And another thing! (Can I stop talking) 😂 since I have posted in a while I’m trying to figure out what posts I should do! I’d love to know what you guys would like to see! Leave me a comment of any ideas/requests you have! ❤️

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Thank you for reading 😁

-Amanda 🌼

*All pictures are from TrendMood1’s Instagram, Ulta Beauty’s Website, and Essence Cosmetics Instagram.


4 thoughts on “Makeup Wishlist | April 2018

  1. I am so jealous right now. That essence highlighter has been discontinued for over a year in Europe and you guys are getting more editions of it! I want that light green one so badly:(


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