Some of my favorite posts to read are makeup hauls and wish lists. I was trying to come up with some cool posts, and I thought about how much makeup I really want to try. I thought a cool little series I could do is makeup from certain brands/stores I really want to try. I probably will stray away from Ulta since my monthly makeup wish lists consist of mostly makeup from Ulta’s website. I am going to start this series with one of my all time favorites brands, Colourpop. They have come out with so much new stuff that I haven’t been able to get my hands on, but desperately want! I am going to keep this short and sweet, so I will stick to the top 5 products I want to try! Lets get into it!

No Filter Concealer

I got the No Filter Concealer when it first came out last July. It is a medium to full coverage, demi matte concealer that is stunning! I absolutely love it, but the color I have is a tad too yellow. I’ve been able to make it work, but when I saw that they had redone their shade range I got so excited! I am in the shade Light 12(previously Fair Neutral 10.) This concealer is $6 and worth Every. Freaking. Penny.

Pressed Powder Blushes

I have tried the Pressed Powder Bronzers and Highlighters and they are some of my favorite bronzer and highlighter formulas in my collection! I haven’t been able to grab the blushes since they released me, but trust me I have really wanted to! The shades that are on my wish list are Why, Hello, Barre Hopping, and To the 10.

In-Nude-Endo Highlighter Palette


have the Gimme More highlighter palette, which is one of my favorites. I love the shade range of this palette because it is perfect for everyday, and also if you want to use it in your makeup kit the shades are perfect for any look! I am wondering if the formula of the highlighters in the palette are the same as the Gimme More palette or their individual highlighters. The shade in Gimme More are a tad more sheer, but still give your cheeks and intense wet glow. The individual highlighters are a tad more pigmented but still give you that wet glow. Both are very build-able and amazing!

Kathleen Lights Dream Street Eyeshadow Palette

Kathleen Lights is one of my absolute favorite beauty blogger. I love her! I am not surprised at all that she created such a stunning palette. I have recently mentioned that I am trying to play with more color and create a lot of different makeup looks. I love the shade range in this palette because it has stunning warm tone mattes and shimmers to create everyday looks, yet it has the stunning blues and reds that you can add and create a unique colorful look. It really inspires me to create so many different looks!

The Main Stage Eyeshadow Set

This is an awesome set for anyone trying to expand their makeup collection or add to their makeup kit. This includes all of their new single shadows from their spring collection. I love this because it comes with my some everyday warm shimmers and mattes, but also it comes with a ton of colorful shades! I have been wanting to expand my Colourpop single eyeshadow collection because they are my favorites shadow formula I have tried. $90 seems kind of steep, but for 24 shadows and a large palette I think it is worth the splurge! Their shadows are worth it!
There we go guys! Those are the 5 products from Colourpop that are sitting in my shopping cart, patiently waiting to be mine! This was a fun post to do, and I hope you guys liked it! Let me know if you guys have any particular brands you’d like me to do next! Just leave a comment down below.

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Thank you for reading 😁

-Amanda 🌼


3 thoughts on “What’s in my cart? | Colourpop Cosmetics

  1. I want to order something from Colourpop so badly, but I either have to pay for international shipping or import taxes and that makes the products so expensive that I’m doubting whether it’s worth it:/


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