Hello beautiful people! Again, I am sorry for being MIA! I have been going through a lot of person changes lately so I haven’t had much time to really blog(I feel like I said something like this in one of my last posts but the last few months have brought a lot of change into my life.) I finally have a set schedule and life has settled down! So posts will be more consistent from now on!

I also wanted to say thank you so much for 100 followers! (It’s actually 114 now!) Thank you for continuing to support me even though I haven’t been very consistent and MIA! I appreciate so much and will continue to create awesome content for you guys! ❤️

Okay okay let’s get to the actual post now! One of my favorites to do, my monthly makeup wish list! I feel like each month I do this companies keep coming out with more and more makeup I want 🤔 I have a lot of higher end goodies on my wish list this month, but they are all absolutely beautiful and I need them okay!! Let’s get into it 😜

Natasha Denona Blush & Glow Mini

I really didn’t think I would want something like this, I know how expensive Natasha Denona is. I don’t think I would ever splurge on one of her palettes! But I saw this little mini of the Blush & Glow duo and I’m a sucker for blush and highlight. 🤷 Plus when I saw it was $19 I was pleasantly surprised! I know it’s tiny, but I never go through blush or highlight! I think it’s worth it and I hopefully will try and pick it up soon!

Elf Rose Gold Sunset Palette

he swatches of this palette is was really sold me! I have tried some of Elf’s old 10 pan palettes and they aren’t my favorite. I really like the Mad for Matte palettes, so I am excited to get a mix of shimmer and mattes with what looks like amazing formulas. Plus the color scheme is perfection.

Jouer Sunswept Bronzer Duos

Fine, Okay, I’ll admit it…I’m a bronzer addict. When I saw these bronzer palettes I fell in love with everything about it. First off, 2 is always better than one right?! I already usually use 2 bronzers to get the perfect look in going for so this is perfect for that. Plus it’s perfect for travel too. I also love the tones of the bronzers! They look like my perfect everyday tone. And the pans look huge! Did I mention these are only $30?! And Jouer has free domestic shipping over $25… Yes I know I’m a bad influence 😂

Melt Cosmetic’s Blushes and Blushlights

Melt recenty came out with powder highlighters and blushes. Some of the highlighters can also be used as shimmery blushes. The shades are absolutely freaking beautiful people! I’m obsessed. I also still haven’t ever tried anything from Melt even though there are so many things I do want to try! But I truly am a sucker for blushes and highlighters so 😍 I’m eyeing Honey Theif, Sundown, and Ghostlight 👻

Makeup Revolution Fast Base Foundation

I have wanted to try a lot of stick foundations, but most of the ones on my wish list were over $30 and I wasn’t totally okay with spending that. When Makeup Revolution released their own stick foundation I was super excited! It says leaves a fresh and dewy finish which is my favorite finish for foundation! And it’s only $9!

That is it for May’s makeup wish list! I love doing these posts for the simple fact that I’m makeup addict, and want pretty much all the new makeup! 😂 Funny enough, Anti-Haul are harder posts for me to do 😂 but I still love doing them! That will be coming soon! 😁

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Also don’t be shy, comment any posts you’d like to see me do! I’d love to hear from you 😊

Thank you for reading 😄

-Amanda 🌼

*All pictures are from TrendMood1’s Instagram, and Melt Cosmetic’s Instagram.


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