5 Below Squishmallows Haul | March 2020

In Colorado, we are getting a 5 below down the street from my house….in about 4 months. So while I am in California, I decided to make a trip to the local 5 Below to ‘squish hunt’ as my best friend and I call it. I hit the jackpot! I found one of the new collections available at 5 below. I grabbed 3 for myself, and 2 for my best friend. I will make sure to give you bios of the ones I know! All of these are 8 inches. Prepare for squishy cuteness.

First, we have Austin the Avocado!
Austin’s bio is: “Austin loves drawing aliens and dreams of one day living in space! He loves pretending that he loves on the moon or is climbing rock mountains on Mars. Austin became obsessed with outer space in school after reading a book about aliens, will you help Austin plan his next space adventure?”
Yes Austin, I absolutely will.
This is the new crab! I am not aware of the bio yet, but I am so excited to find out. I will update this when I find out! I named mine Pinch.
I believe this is Lorie the Pink Leopard. She has come out on valentines collections, and was one of the 5 inch Squishmallows that was at target. Her belly said I love you. I can’t find her bio anywhere, but I was able to find her name! Like I said for the crab, I will update this once I know her bio!
Sunny the Bee!
Sunny’s bio is: “Need to know if it’s going to be raining next week or if you should pack a jacket? Ask Sunny! She’s always had a knack for knowing just what’s going to happen next when it comes to the weather, and looks forward to becoming a weather reporter when she’s older.”
Sunny is for my best friend 🙂

That is all the squish I got at 5 below today! If you enjoy these kind of hauls, I will make sure to do more! I have some Squishmallows from Mercari I’ve gotten recently, I will probably do a post on them when I am home! I hope you have a wonderful night or day, wherever you are!


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