Some New NYX Butter Gloss Shades

I have 4 out of 10 new NYX butter gloss shades

For years, the NYX butter gloss formula has been in my top 5 holy grail glosses. When I realized they had some out with some new shades, I needed to get my hands on them! So far, I have only picked up 4 and I do enjoy them! I am just going to be sharing which 4 I have a swatches of them 🙂 two of the four I am going to be linking a blog post by a fellow beauty blogger on here, OliveUnicorn. The post is a review and lip swatches of two go the four shades I talk about here, so make sure to check it out if you want an in depth review on them! 🙂

Shade: Blueberry Tart
Described as a periwinkle blue
Shade: Cinnamon Roll
Described as a dusty nude mauve
Shade: Marshmallow
Described as a muted lilac
Shade: Bit Of Honey
Described as a peach nude

Make sure to check out OliveUnicorn’s post for lip swatches and an in depth review on the shades Blueberry Tart and Marshmallow!

Thanks for looking! What shade do you like the most? I hope you have a great day or night wherever you are 🌞🌛

Canada Exclusive Squishmallow Haul | Winter 2020

So I found an AMAZING person through a Facebook Squishmallow selling group who was able to get me 3 of the Canada exclusive Squishmallows that came out this winter! I got the Wolf and 2 of the Moose, one was for my best friend!

These are 7 inches and they are the cutest things EVER. I am a total sucker for the 7” Squishmallows. They are the perfect snuggle and travel size! Though I won’t travel with these since they are so special to me.

I want to mention that wolves are my spirit animal, I’ve always felt a special connection wolves and dogs. I recently did a guided meditation where I found out that, indeed, that wolves are my spirit animal and I have a wolf as one of my spirit guides! So the wolf has been one I have been searching for because it is so special to me! I am so happy to have it!

Plus, I have an obsession with Alaska and Canada nature and wildlife so this whole collection speaks to me!

Let’s get to the best part, names and bios!

Willy the Wolf
Willy’s bio: “Willy was the runt of the litter-but that doesn’t hold this mallow back! He is fascinated by storms and wants to be a weatherman when he grows up! He loves bow-ties and he has a weather bow-tie collection he can’t wait to show off!”
Maurice the Moose
Maurice’s bio: “Maurice LOVES chocolate chip pancakes and eats them almost every Saturday.
His dad makes a giant stack for Maurice and his sisters to share. One day Maurice wants to be the host for a pancake show so he can try all kinds of pancakes”

You will probably see me say this a lot, the bios for Squishmallows are literally everything to me. Especially Maurice’s. Growing up, every weekend I was at my dad’s, he would make me and my sister pancakes. Sometimes special Mickey Mouse pancakes. Those are some of my favorite memories to remember. Since today is 2 weeks of my dad being gone, Maurice is one of my squish that has been really comforting me.

Thank you guys so much for reading, I have more squish content coming your way! Hope you have a wonderful day or night whoever you are. 🌞🌛