Some New NYX Butter Gloss Shades

I have 4 out of 10 new NYX butter gloss shades

For years, the NYX butter gloss formula has been in my top 5 holy grail glosses. When I realized they had some out with some new shades, I needed to get my hands on them! So far, I have only picked up 4 and I do enjoy them! I am just going to be sharing which 4 I have a swatches of them 🙂 two of the four I am going to be linking a blog post by a fellow beauty blogger on here, OliveUnicorn. The post is a review and lip swatches of two go the four shades I talk about here, so make sure to check it out if you want an in depth review on them! 🙂

Shade: Blueberry Tart
Described as a periwinkle blue
Shade: Cinnamon Roll
Described as a dusty nude mauve
Shade: Marshmallow
Described as a muted lilac
Shade: Bit Of Honey
Described as a peach nude

Make sure to check out OliveUnicorn’s post for lip swatches and an in depth review on the shades Blueberry Tart and Marshmallow!

Thanks for looking! What shade do you like the most? I hope you have a great day or night wherever you are 🌞🌛

Canada Exclusive Squishmallow Haul | Winter 2020

So I found an AMAZING person through a Facebook Squishmallow selling group who was able to get me 3 of the Canada exclusive Squishmallows that came out this winter! I got the Wolf and 2 of the Moose, one was for my best friend!

These are 7 inches and they are the cutest things EVER. I am a total sucker for the 7” Squishmallows. They are the perfect snuggle and travel size! Though I won’t travel with these since they are so special to me.

I want to mention that wolves are my spirit animal, I’ve always felt a special connection wolves and dogs. I recently did a guided meditation where I found out that, indeed, that wolves are my spirit animal and I have a wolf as one of my spirit guides! So the wolf has been one I have been searching for because it is so special to me! I am so happy to have it!

Plus, I have an obsession with Alaska and Canada nature and wildlife so this whole collection speaks to me!

Let’s get to the best part, names and bios!

Willy the Wolf
Willy’s bio: “Willy was the runt of the litter-but that doesn’t hold this mallow back! He is fascinated by storms and wants to be a weatherman when he grows up! He loves bow-ties and he has a weather bow-tie collection he can’t wait to show off!”
Maurice the Moose
Maurice’s bio: “Maurice LOVES chocolate chip pancakes and eats them almost every Saturday.
His dad makes a giant stack for Maurice and his sisters to share. One day Maurice wants to be the host for a pancake show so he can try all kinds of pancakes”

You will probably see me say this a lot, the bios for Squishmallows are literally everything to me. Especially Maurice’s. Growing up, every weekend I was at my dad’s, he would make me and my sister pancakes. Sometimes special Mickey Mouse pancakes. Those are some of my favorite memories to remember. Since today is 2 weeks of my dad being gone, Maurice is one of my squish that has been really comforting me.

Thank you guys so much for reading, I have more squish content coming your way! Hope you have a wonderful day or night whoever you are. 🌞🌛

My DIY Travel Palette | California Edition

I have a thing for creating DIY palettes, you will see a theme on here.
I love doing travel and themed DIY palettes! The first DIY palette I wanted to share with you is the one I made for California! I use my favorite magnetic palette, the Ulta Z palette, which is sturdy and I trust it to keep my shadows and face powders safe! I’m going to go through the shades within the palette, some I will just share what palette they are from if they have no shade names. Let us begin!
This palette has a mixture of shades from the Makeup Revolution Proud Of My Life palette, the lip smackers Mermaid and Unicorn palettes (They are eye and face palettes), some Colourpop shades, urban decay, too faced, BH cosmetics and ABH. A lot of variety!
All of the shades with a red dot are all from the Makeup Revolution Proud Of My Life palette. I love Makeup Revolution’s formula, this palette really surprised me! When I depotted it I basically kept every day but 3! (I got rid of a black, a patchy dark blue, and a patchy dark green)
These shades are depotted Colourpop shadows from various palettes. I know the bronzey shade and the matte purple are from the Element Of Surprise palette. The shimmery rosey mauve shade is from the Sweet Nothings palette. The only shade I’m not sure of is the matte brown.
There are 2 urban decay shades. A mini in Lucid, and a full sized Midnight Cowboy.
These are all from the Lip Smackers Sparkle & Shine Unicorn and Mermaid palettes. The bigger pan is a blush. I’m really loving these shadows! Some are more buildable which I can appreciate, some are pretty pigmented right off the bat, but that green sure does pack a punch! And I do really love the blushes too!
These are two ABH shades. The square pan is a depotted shade from their Artist palette called Punch Fuchsia. The round pan is one of their singles in the shade Electro.
These are 2 shades from the Lime Crime plushies palette. The brown is Chocolate Milk and the pinky peach is Melon Smoothie.
There are 3 BH shades. The 2 smaller pans are from their Colour Festival palette, and the larger pan is from the Ultimate Artistry palette.
These are all the Too Faced shades. The two rectangular pans are form the Sweet Peach palette. The shades are Lucious and Nectar. The bronzer is Sun Bunny. And the blush is from a holiday kit and is called StrobeBerry.
The two single pans are both blush. The smaller pan is Becca Wild Honey from their Afterglow palette. The larger blush pan is a Franken-blush I made at the end of 2019. I used it as a blush topper and love it so much!

Well, that is it! I really enjoy creating these palettes so you will be seeing more of these posts! Also, in the next posts like this I do, I will make sure to take some pictures of looks I created! Thanks for reading!

ALS: 1 year of new (part 1)

Joe Casper

My dad had been battling ALS since probably August or September 2018, but was diagnosed January 21st 2019. With this diagnosis, he ticked many things off his life bucket list. He became a kayaker, a skydiver, a snorkeler, a blogger, a life coach, an inspiration. And my dad stayed the things he loved being. A radio DJ, a fitness junkie, a traveler, a skier, a teacher, a father, a brother, and a friend. Everything my dad wanted to be, he was. Except healthy. My dad passed away exactly a week ago today (2.28.20.) I miss him so much it hurts everyday.

I decided to follow in my dads footsteps and start blogging again. Today, I want to start a series. I thought I could do it in one post, but I really want to be detailed with this. I want to go through this past year, well a little over a year. I want to really recap all the great things my dad did, the things we did together. The great things my mom and sister did for my dad. All the people my father impacted. The people he inspired. I’m having a really hard time grasping this past year, really accepting this loss (but who can when they lose a parent?) I feel like this will really help me to heal, and I hope someone will enjoy this little story of my dads year with ALS, and how it changed so many people.

Let’s start with his diagnosis. It was around December when we knew things weren’t right. Dad’s legs had been getting weak for a few months, but it hadn’t been extremely substantial until November or December when he started to walk like, and I quote, “Frankenstein.” His legs were stiff, and soon he would need a cane.

On January 3rd, my dad went to a doctors appointment where they told him it was a possibility it could be ALS, but he needed to see a neurologist first.

On January 22nd, my dad got his final answer. It was, indeed, ALS. We were all heartbroken. My dad was already using a cane, and soon would need crutches. This is one ugly disease, but the beauty that came out of it, the beauty and love from people was worth it.

We will start with our first adventure, Florida. My grandma rents a house everyday February on the coast and we decided to head out and have a early beach vacation.

My dad, mom, sister and I went snorkeling and swam with the manatees! It was so much fun. This was my sister and dad’s second or third time doing this, but it was my mom and my first. It was unforgettable!
My dad has family in Florida, so we put together a family barbecue while we were there. It was so much fun reconnecting with family. Lots of laughs were shared!
I love this photo because it’s all 3 of us, and we were super happy to be with family, in Florida, together.
This was such a great trip. We had great beach days, swam with manatees and snorkeled, ate delicious food (specifically chips and onion dip, a favorite of my dads), and we watched Bohemian Rhapsody which was amazing! This picture I specifically love, it shows my dads love and bond that we will always have. Even though he isn’t physically with me, I always feel him with me, keeping me safe. Just like he is in this picture ❤️ I won’t forget this Florida trip.