5 Brands at Ulta I want to try ASAP!

In the past year, Ulta has started selling so many new brands, they just keeping bringing more and more in! There are so many that have been on my list to try, but I haven’t actually done so. I am going to share with you the top 5 brands I am dying to try at Ulta! I’m also going to share the top products I want to try from each brand.

Storybook Cosmetics

I love the whole idea around this brand. Makeup inspired by my favorite childhood movies?! I mean come on, who could say no?! Their brushes are works of art, and don’t even get me started on the Burn Book and Charlie and The Chocolate Factory themed palettes!

Ofra Cosmetics

Oh, the infamous Ofra highlighters. I have been wanting to get my hands on these highlighters for a few years now, but I just never order makeup online. Since they’re at Ulta, I’ll be way more likely to make an order and try them. Also I’m hoping during the 21 days of beauty sale they have their highlighters on sale again. I also want to try their blushes and liquid lipsticks(especially Kathleen Lights shades.) 😍

Winky Lux

I first heard about Winky Lux when there Kitten palette was in a Boxycharm box (I don’t subscribe, I just saw it on Instagram) I loved how unique the palette was! Not long after, they came to Ulta. They have a ton of lip products, and recently came out with highlighters! The highlighters look stunning. The top 2 products I want to get are the Kitten palette and the highlighter in Charm!


Another product that has been on the top of my wish list, the Identity palette. I have heard nothing but great things about this palette, and it looks amazing for everyday! Recently they have come out with the Cali Glow Highlighters, which are going to launch at Ulta on March 18th! They look stunning!

Dose Of Colors

Yet another online brand I never got around to ordering from! I love how sleek the entire product line looks. I feel like it’s so simple yet elegant. I have heard such great things about Dose of Colors. The only not great thing was their lip glosses but they reformulated them! I’m a lip gloss gal all the way so I will definitely try those! And the Blushing Berries palette is calling my name.

That is is for this post! I thought it would be a fun one to do since Ulta just keeps adding more brands to their stores! I’m not complaining though. 💁 I hope you guys enjoyed this post! Let me know any brands you are wanting to try in the comments! 😊

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Cruelty Free Drugstore Haul

I decided to spoil myself a little and get some drugstore makeup goodies that have been on my wish list! Ulta has recently expanded their drugstore section and added some brands that had only been online! They also expanded and added more products to the Makeup Revolution and Essence sections (they are in my top 5 drugstore brands!) Also the Ulta right by my house has Colourpop in store and I was SO FREAKING EXCITED! Okay, I’m going to calm down now and just show you what I got!

Essence Fresh and Fit Awake Primer

Whenever anything says “fresh” and “awake” I immediately think glowy and I need it. I have tried this once and it definitely adds a nice glow to the skin. Plus it was only $6!

Colourpop Super Shock Shadow

My Ulta was out of a lot of the Super Shock Shadows(I really wanted Cheap Date), but I saw Sailor and I knew it would be so pretty with so many looks. It is a warm beige with multidimensional glitter. It’ll be perfect for an everyday look if you want something a little unique, and perfect for any colorful look!

Essence Luminous Matte Bronzer

The Essence Matt Bronzing Powder is one of my top 5 favorite bronzer in my collection. When I saw they had came out with a Luminous Matt Bronzer I wanted it in my life. Luminous Matt really just means Satin. I’ve worn it once and I like how it blends and I like the shade!

Essence Brighten Up Banana Powder

Banana powders always scare me because of how fair I am, they never look right under my eyes. They actually usually make my concealer look darker. When I saw this one in store, I saw how light this was. It is a very pale yellow. Ive used it once and I do notice it actually brightens! I need to use it a few more times to get a better opinion on it though.

Makeup Revolution Reloaded Palette in Newtrals 2

I have seen these Reloaded palettes all over Instagram recently. The two I wanted were this one and the Division palette(the Subculture dupe.) These shadows are very pigmented and blendable! And the shimmers are super intense. $7 for 15 awesome shadows? I need them all!

Essence Eye Blender Brush

I’m a crease brush addict. I have a lot of them and I just keep getting more 😂 I really like this one because it’s super fluffy but tapered. Perfect for applying your transition shade! Plus, it is only $2!

Elf Flawless Finish Foundation

I’ve been wanting to get my hands on it for so long! I have tried this foundation in the past, but the lightest shade was too dark(I also broke the bottle but we don’t need to get into that.) I honestly can’t remember what I thought of it. Elf added more shades to the range probably 6 or 7 months ago. I never got around to ordering this shade, so when I saw it at Target I didn’t hesitate to get it. I’m definitely going to be doing a review on this!

That is is for my drugstore haul! I am very excited to play with all of these products more! Let me know if you’d like to see separate reviews on any of these products. 😀

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February Favorites 2018

Hello March and hello Spring! I am very excited to be heading into warmer weather! But, I will admit, these February snow days have been pretty awesome. I don’t have a ton of favorites this month, because I honestly tried to use different products everyday, so I only have a few that REALLY stood out as favorites. Like last month, I am going to share another Netflix fav. I think I will do this monthly. I’m a Netflix addict, so I always like to know good shows to watch. I thought why not share my favs with you!

Elf Lip Laquer in Natural

This gloss has been hanging in my purse all month. I have been wearing a lot on the go and to work. It’s a really pretty light peachy nude shade. The formula is super comfortable, not sticky at all. My favorite part about this gloss? It is $2! They have 10 shades, a majority of them the same shades as their Matte Lip Colors(they have recreated a few shades in the matte liquid lipsticks as well.) I want to try more shades from this line, I’m super impressed!

It Cosmetics Bye Bye Undereye

I received this in my February Ipsy bag, and at first when I swatched it I was kind fo skeptical, it felt super thick and heavy. Once I applied it though, I fell in love. It brightens up your undereyes and conceals your dark circles. It doesn’t not feel cakey or heavy, and makes your undereyes look flawless!

Wet N Wild Retractable Brow Pencil

Most of the new Wet N Wild products hit shelves this month, and I found their new brow pencil! At first, I didn’t know if I liked this product. I just think it was a weird day because I really really like it now! With it’s triangular top, it makes your brows look full yet natural. I really like how put together my brows look when I use this!

Luna Cosmetics Baked Highlighter in Luna

I also received this in my Ipsy bag and immediately fell in love. This highlighter is so smooth, pigmented, and buttery. It gives you a beautiful wet look to the skin that does not cling to any texture you may have. My favorite part is the shade, it is a light peachy golden shade that is super unique to my collection. This is one thing from Ipsy that I’ve seen people get and have wanted to try, so when I saw it was in my bag I was so happy! This is going to be such a great highlight for bring and summer!

Wet N Wild Natural Finish Setting Spray

This setting spray will have your makeup looking fresh for HOURS. I had my makeup on for a little over 6 hours and when I did a little check in, I was shocked that everything still looked like I had just applied it. THIS IS A $5 SETTING SPRAY! I like how small it is, you can easily throw it in your purse as a refresher, also the actual spray is nice and fine.

Parks and Rec

This show is absolutely ridiculous in all of the best ways possible. I usually can’t stop laughing when this is on. I just watched an episode and I’m trying not to giggle while typing this, okay that’s a problem (a good problem I guess.) This show is about a group of friends that work in a Parks and Recreation department in a small Indiana town. As the seasons go you watch the characters grow and new things arise, good and bad. But it will always have you laughing! I can’t stop recommending this show to people!

And that’s a wrap for my February favorites! I hope you all had a great month, and have a great March! And guess what happens this month ladies and gents, Ulta 21 Days of Beauty. 😏 Technically it’s at the end of the month but, I am looking forward to it! My wallet isnt. 😂

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3 Makeup Dupes You Should Know About!

Who doesn’t love a good dupe? I know I do! When it comes to makeup, I’m a drugstore junkie at heart. If it’s amazing and affordable, let me have it! What makes great drugstore finds even MORE exciting is if they dupe a higher end product that you’ve wanted to get your hands on, but you don’t wanna have to spend all that money on it! Well, I am here to share with you 3 amazing dupes I have in my collection that will have you running to your nearest drugstore!

Baby Love VS. Satin Love

Too Faced Love Flush Blush in Baby Love was on my wish list for a long time! It was in the Ulta 21 Days of Beauty Sale last year and I got my hands on it for half off! What I didn’t know was that I literally had an amazing blush in my collection that was only $3! Essence Satin Touch Blush in Satin Love is an EXACT dupe for this blush. They are both a satin finish and when I say exact dupe guys, I mean the shades are the exact freaking same!! I was not the first person to find this dupe, I heard it from one of my favorite YouTubers ErinsMakeupEuphoria and I immediately went to see for myself. I honestly use the Essence blush over my Too Faced blush and if I could go back in time knowing this, I probably wouldn’t have gotten the Too Faced blush!

ABH Contour Kit VS. Makeup Revolution Ultra Contour Kit

I was super excited to find this one out! I was gifted the ABH Contour Kit for my Birthday by my wonderful friend Lexy! I have had the Makeup Revolution Kit for probably a year now, and I have never heard they were a dupe! I had seen this on Pinterest and went straight to my makeup drawers to check! They are exact dupes! The Makeup Revolution palette has 2 extra highlight shades that are stunning. And the price difference? ABH is $40 and MR is $12! That’s huge. Both formulas are super blendable and apply to the skin beautifully! (The swatches don’t look exact but in person they are spot on!)

Too Faced Milk Chocolate Bronzer VS. Physicians Formula Bronze Booster

I was trying to find an exact dupe for the Too Faced Milk Chocolate Bronzer, and honestly was surprised to find that the Physicians Formula Bronzer Booster in Light/Medium is identical! The Physicians Formula Bronzer is $15 the Milk Chocolate Bronzer is $30. I love both of these formulas, they blend out beautifully are are a perfect bronzer shade for light skin! I definitely would choose the Physicians Formula bronzer because of the price, unless Too Faced comes out with mini bronzers! (Too Faced please come out with mini bronzers.

Those are my 3 dupes I wanted to share with you guys! If you want to make a one stop shop all of these are available at Ulta! (that wasn’t planned, I literally just realized it). If you can’t go to Ulta the drugstore options are available at most local drugstores and the high end options can be found at Sephora!

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Anti-Haul | February 2018

Along with monthly makeup wish lists, I am also going to be doing monthly anti-hauls! With so many makeup product being released all the time, there are going to be products that are hits and misses. All of these products I am in no way saying suck and I hate them, I am just saying I am not wanting to add them to my collection for one reason or another. Let’s get on into it 😋

Kat Von D I Am Divine Palette

There have been a lot of Kat Von D eyeshadow palettes that I have thought about grabbing, but this one in particular I knew I wouldn’t ever use. I don’t see how you can create a full look with this, there are no transition shades and I really don’t use blues and greens a lot.

Urban Decay Blur On The Run Touch Up & Finishing Balm

I have always thought that finishing balms or balms in general are kind of pointless. Especially if it’s supposed to go on over makeup, that makes no sense to me. I feel like trying to apply a balm over makeup will just make everything look patchy. There are so many touch up powders that you can use instead of this, it just doesn’t seem very practical.

Real Techniques Color Correcting Set

Honestly these brushes look very nice, but I’m think the whole set is kind of silly. I don’t know why you truly need 4 brushes to color correct, it doesn’t seem practical for everyday unless you literally use every color correcting shade. There are plenty of concealer brushes you can use that will do the exact same thing.

Too Faced Magic Crystal Lip Topper

I have never been into the lip topped idea. The only reason I could see them being useful is for fun photo shoots for fashion shows. Day to day I would never use this so I wouldn’t want to spend $19 on a lip product I’d maybe use once. I wish Too Faced had come out with liquid shadows for this collection!

Essence Vibrant Shock Lash and Brow Gel

I absolutely love Essence, they are one of my favorite if not my favorite drugstore brands, and I slightly hate that they are in my Anti-Haul but also this product seems silly to me. It would be a lot cooler if these were liquid liners, but glittery mascara and brow gel? No thanks. I think I’ll stick to my False Lashes Mascara and Make Me Brow. 🤟

Viseart Golden Hour Eyeshadow Palette

I think these shades look stunning, and I’ve heard amazing things about Viseart’s formula. The reason this is a no go for me is because of the pan size. I mean, come on. You are paying $50 for tiny little pans! I think it just looks kind of cheap being so small. There is so many gaps in the palette where the pans could have been even a little bigger, I just think it’s way too much money for the size.

Too Faced Unicorn Tears Bronzer

Im not the first person to say this, and I won’t be the last, but the little unicorn highlighter throws me off. How can you even miss that when you go in with your brush? It stinks because that shade of bronzer does look nice, a beautiful glowy bronze. But with the giant purple unicorn I don’t see how it will work well. Plus this is $30, I have plenty of pretty glowy bronzers in my collection that are much cheaper and more practical to use.

That is it for my Anti-Haul this month! There are definitely a lot more products on my wish list than this one. I know for sure I’ll be doing monthly makeup wish lists but I’m convinced it may be a little harder to do anti hauls every month(makeup addict problems) let me know in the comments if there are any products you are definitely NOT grabbing this month, I’d love to know. 😎

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*Images from Ulta.com, Sephora.com, and Instagram.

Colourpop is at Ulta!

If you didn’t already know, Colourpop is one of my favorite brands. There has been rumors for the last few months that they were coming to Ulta and that day has finally come! Ulta has been expanding like crazy and adding so many new brands recently, I love it! Im extra excited about Colourpop though, so I am going to share with you everything they released at Ulta!

Super Shock Shadows

Amaze(peachy gold with ultra-glitter finish)

Bae(rich eggplant purple with blue glitter)

Melrose(matte true rust)

DGAF(medium-toned rusty brown topped with multi-dimensional gold glitter)

Stereo(blackened purple with gold and pink glitter)

Lightning Bug(golden copper with ultra-glitter finish)

Cheap Date(true gold with silver glitter)

So Quiche(soft olive with violet and gold sparkles)

Sailor(warm beige with multi-dimensional glitter)

Nillionaire(bronze with pink and gold with ultra-glitter finish)

Lace(deepened violet with satin finish)

Set to Stun(icy rose with blue glitter)

Super Shock Cheek


Flexitarian(intense white champagne with pearlized finish)

Wisp(golden champagne with pearlized finish)

Lunch Money(soft light gold with pearlized finish)

Avalon(a true copper with pearlized finish)

Ultra Matte Lip

Beeper(greige rose)

Avenue(dark blood red)

Limbo(deep chocolate brown)

Bumble(warm rose)

LAX(vampy red)

Tulle(dusty burgundy)

Sunday(soft terracotta)

Creeper(classic blue red)

Mama(burnt orange)

More Better(deep wine)

Fresh Cut(true blue pink)

Love Bug(rich mahogany)

Eyeshadow Palettes

Element of Surprise & Double Entendre

Bundles and Foursomes

Dream Fever Super Shock Shadow Foursome

-Jinxie (warm gold with ultra glitter finish)

Helio, Goodbye (rich copper with gold glitter)

Elixir (terracotta with matte finish)

No promises (deep brick red with matte finish)

First Charmer Super Shock Shadow Foursome

Truth (neutral light beige/satin finish)

Fluffy (warm gold with subtle pink duochrome/ultra glitter finish)

Brady (dusty rose/soft matte finish)

Seeker (reddish brown/warm matte finish)

Wicked Trick Lip Bundle

-Tight Fit Ultra Glossy Lip (light peachy pink metallic with pink shimmer)

Echo Park Ultra Satin Lip (warm peachy nude)

Top 8 Ultra Matte Lip (rosey brown)

Trifecta Lip Bundle

My Jam Ultra Glossy Lip (sparkly golden nude metallic)

Reign Ultra Satin Lip (warm caramel)

Knotty Ultra Matte Lip (light warm taupe)

This is everything they have released so far! I feel like they released the perfect amount of products, they have some of their most popular products and exclusive bundles! I definitely want to try the Wicked Trick Lip Bundle! What’s on your Colourpop wish list?

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*All images are from Ulta’s instagram and website

Mini Haul | Makeup and Skincare

I went to Target today to grab a few groceries, and left with a lot more than that. I feel like that’s a typical Target trip for everyone 😂 I repurchased some favorite skincare and makeup items and got new goodies to try!

Yes to Coconut Cleansing Wipes

I have used the Yes To Coconut Micellar Water for about a year or so, but I was trying to find a cheaper option for a bit. When I picked these up at Target I fell in love! These easily take my makeup off, they don’t hurts my eyes, and they do leave my skin feeling hydrated! You get 30 wipes for under $5! I recommend these 100%!

Pacifica Dreamy Youth Face Cream

I desperately needed a new moisturizer, so I went to the aisle that has all of the natural skincare. I saw this one, and when I saw powerhouse antioxidants I was won over. It claims to deeply hydrate and improve radiance. It feels very smooth and hydrating, its not very thick but doesn’t feel too thin to the point that I won’t be getting any moisturize. I will probably be doing a more in depth review once I get a better opinion on it! 😁

Yes To Mud Masks

Yes To has a line of face masks. They have mud masks, sheet masks, and they have some that have 3 masks in one so you can use all three in different spots of your face. My mom, boyfriend and I decided to stick with the mud masks. My boyfriend grabbed the Yes To Coconut mud mask which is supposed to hydrate and smooth. My mom and I got the Yes To Grapefruit which is supposed to enhance your glow while minimizing pores and shine. I’m hoping it will help with some texture I’ve been having because it has grapefruit and vitamin c 🤟

Elf Lock On Liner and Brow Cream

I think I’ve mentioned this baby in a few different posts. I for sure mentioned it in my top 5 underrated Elf products. I won’t talk about it too much, but this is my favorite eye brow product ever! It is so easy to work with, looks amazing, and literally costs $4. 😍

Elf Eyeshadow Duo in Peach Squad

Elf has finally released some of their newer products into Target and I was so excited to see them! I will definitely be grabbing more soon, but I have wanted to try their Best Friend Eyeshadow Duos for a while now, especially in the shade Peach Squad. I feel like I got this at the perfect time because it is perfect for spring. I swatched this and the shadows seem super nice! The matte peachy is very creamy and pigmented and the shimmery gold is very beautiful as well 😍 I can’t wait to play with this on my eyes! This was only $3 so if I love it I am going back for more!

Okay peeps 🐥 that is it for my mini Target haul! There will be more hauls coming your way very soon. Let me know if there are any products I got that you’d like to see a more in depth review on!

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